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Personalized Aviation Insurance

Our Aviation Insurance covers a wide variety of risks that may arise from private jets to larger commercial aircrafts. Get Aviation Insurance today

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Travel The Seas at Ease with Yacht Insurance

Superior Protection for a superior watercraft... provides superior peace of mind. Contact us today for a Yacht Insurance quote today.

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Comprehensive Equine Insurance

We offer equine insurance products that are paralleled to none, for more information please see the equine insurance page.

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Asset & Investment Protection

High Value Home Insurance provides comprehensive coverage that you just can’t compare to standard home insurance. Protect your assets today.

Welcome to Air Land & Sea Insurance

Air Land & Sea Insurance Agency, LLC is a boutique insurance company located in Coral Springs, Florida that caters to your specific insurance needs on both the non-admitted (surplus lines) and admitted markets. As a boutique insurance company, we are able to provide the individual attention needed for customized insurance plans. Through our many relationships with superior A+ rate carriers we can provide insurance coverage as unique as your lifestyle.

The culture of our company is to provide quality products meeting the needs of our clients, as well as providing the utmost personal attention matching our clients’ expectations. We are a tenacious insurance agency insuring in several markets. With 20+ year in the industry, know that you will receive personalized care from industry professionals. Whether it's in the "Air", on "Land", or at "Sea", insuring your next adventure would be our pleasure!

Our insurance services include:

  • Yacht
  • Equine
  • Aviation
  • High Value Home
  • Commercial
  • Flood
  • Travel Insurance
  • Private Client

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Our Insurance Services

We, at Air Land & Sea Insurance Agency, LLC provide insurance coverage outside the norm. We assist our clients with Yacht, Equine, Aviation, High Value Home, Flood, Event, and Private Client Insurance.


If you own a yacht, you will want yacht insurance - not boat insurance. You can expect more than the standard coverage when you get yacht insurance. Anything “extra” with boat insurance is generally already covered with yacht insurance, such as hurricane and tropical storm coverage, towing, fuel spill coverage, and extending the navigation area once you pass the coastline. We can discuss hull coverage and any additional coverage needed for your yacht.


Those who own horses or are involved in equine businesses will benefit from this insurance coverage. There is coverage to protect your horse if it becomes injured or sick or dies. The type of liability required will depend on if it is a private horse or the nature of the equine business. Liability for a private horse can help if your horse causes injury or property damage. The type of liability required will depend on the nature of the business. We will just need some information on your horse and/or details about your equine business.


There are many dangers with flying any type of aircraft. If you are an owner of a private or commercial aircraft, or just renting one, you will need aviation insurance. There are different types of coverage that will cover the aircraft, property damages, any crew, and its passengers.


High Value homes really require coverage that goes beyond the basics. High Value homeowners need exceptional coverage to protect their extraordinary home and its contents. This policy offers higher limits for your home if it needs to be repaired or rebuilt and property in the event it is stolen, damaged or destroyed. There are also additional benefits that you would not receive with a standard policy.


Do not put your business at risk! A commercial insurance policy can protect you from different scenarios that can potentially in danger your business. We know each business is different and we can provide coverage that fits the needs of your specific business.  We also cover a wide range of businesses, so know we can find a policy that tailors to your needs.


If you are a homeowner, business owner, or a renter you can benefit from flood insurance. Even if you are not required to have it, having the structure of your home or business and its contents covered is a huge benefit. Your home does not necessarily have to flood from a storm, there are other scenarios that can cause water damage from outside the structure. We can determine if your property is eligible and discuss what benefits you may be entitled to.


Traveling is an investment.  Money well spent to see the country, travel the world, or visit distant family/friends. As the last few years have shown us, travel interruptions for various reasons are far more likely than they have been in the past. Travel insurance is a small investment in protecting risks for unforeseen circumstances.


A great and unique policy that caters to a more high-end clientele with more assets. This policy covers a variety of things with higher liability limits than what you would receive with a standard policy. Anything insurable can be insured together, but you pay one premium with just one company. Tell us about your life so we can design a policy that caters to your lifestyle.

A Company You Can Trust

At Air Land & Sea Insurance, we have built a reputation for confidentiality and professionalism. Know that the information you provide to us whether it is for a quote or you choose us to be your insurance company will be kept private and treated with the utmost care. Our team will work relentlessly to create the specialized coverage you need.

We have developed great relationships with the insurance carriers we work with and understand the importance of keeping your information confidential and secure. Because we are an independent agency, we are able to shop around for the best rates and provide our clients with choices.

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woman's legs on tightrope above cityAir Land & Sea Insurance Agency, LLC is here to help our new and existing clients by insuring their lifestyle. Our clients are able to enjoy their life so much more whether it is for pleasure or business knowing that they are truly protected.

We are here to discuss your yacht, equine, aviation, high value home, commercial, flood, travel, and private client insurance needs and answer any questions you may have along the way. Contact us today either by phone, email, or filling out the form on our contact page. 

Our goal is to respond promptly and provide you professional service. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will choose us to insure your assets. 

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